So Jeff and I are Doing a thing! A really scary thing! We are starting a YouTube channel called, the Great Charles Adventure! I know, I know, everyone is on YouTube or blogging, or vlogging. However, we really have a vision for our family. Jeffrey and I have so many dreams and goals. We want to document our process so we can look back and see how we have grown. As a couple, we got together when we were very young, 18 to be exact. Since then we have both grown so much. With the recent birth of our first child and a second on the way, our lives have been a whirlwind. I feel like we can’t remember most of what has been happening in the last year! This year we also celebrate our 30 th birthdays and the arrival of our second baby, so we really want to just get that all down on video. I really hope that you will join us on our adventure!

We want to hear from you! What are you looking for? What type of content do you want to see? We are thinking: family life/raising Two under Two, work life (running my business from home and trying to make it to the big leagues), and our family adventures (going around Orlando and our family trips) ! If you want to see something different let us know, in the comments below, or on the video!

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