So, I kind of went M.I.A. for a bit towards the end of the year and the beginning of the year. I will be quite honest here! Since the move, spending time with family has been the top of my priority list. I now know the importance of family and spending quality time! So once the holidays hit, I made a huge decision. I turned OFF my phone and only checked emails once a day. I worked with the clients I had in my queue and vowed to not take on any new clients until the new year.

This was a really big decision and I am so happy I made it. It is not easy turning away clients. Lord knows how much I love each and everyone of you! But, I could not have asked for a better time with my family and husband.

The holiday season is always tricky for me. We have Thanksgiving and then Christmas, shortly after comes New Year’s Eve/Day (My most favorite holiday) and then after that I have my wedding anniversary on the 2nd! Usually, I am left juggling a million tasks for clients with the season. Thankfully that did not happen this year! I was able to slow down and focus on what really matters, on what cannot be bought in stores and making memories to last a lifetime!

Since then I have just been working with contracted clients. We are now taking on new clients (3 new beauties this week alone! ) and I will be in Orlando from tomorrow until the 6th! SO, if you want a consultation with little ole me, be sure to book one today, as spots are going fast!

Tomorrow I will share some photos from our Anniversary trip to New Orleans! Stay tuned loves! Love you dolls!