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I think that many times people get so wrapped up in the design of the invitation that they in fact disregard the RSVP. This is so sad to me. The RSVP is your opportunity to really get info out of your guests. A good RSVP lets you know whether or not your guests are coming to your event. However, a  G R E A T   RSVP gives you so much more information. The whole point of the RSVP is to gather as much information about guests as possible.  Here are a couple of things to consider when crafting your RSVP wording!

  1. How many guests are coming? This is a biggie, especially in today’s modern wedding. Many of my clients do not give their guests a plus one. GASP! I know! If you are not giving guests a plus one, you should state this on the RSVP.
  2. Do you have a meal option? This should be on your RSVP. Most times you will need this information 2 weeks before your event date to confirm with the caterers. If you do have a meal option there are a couple ways to set up the wording.             Meal option RSVP wording Pretty Peacock Paperie _Washington D.C. Wedding invitationsMaybe you don’t have a meal option, but give guests an opportunity to tell you what they can’t eat. As a vegetarian, I hate when I show up to a wedding and there is absolutely nothing that I can eat. When you throw an event or a wedding YOU are the HOST. That means that you have to take care of your guests and their needs. Keep in mind most people spend a lot of money to attend a wedding. They usually buy a garment to wear, they give gifts leading up to the wedding and usually bring something to the wedding as well. They may even have to travel. This is a big commitment to take on and the least you can do as a host is make sure you have a warm entree for them. (Salad does not count as vegan/vegetarian options) My favorite way to explain this on a RSVP is like this: 

Dietary restrictions RSVP wording Pretty Peacock Paperie _Washington D.C. Wedding invitations

I hope this post clears up any confusion about RSVP wording! Please feel free to comment below with any questions you may have about your RSVP wording! Thank you to Create the Cut for the amazing watercolor background!

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