Welcoming Baby Macy

These invitations are really special to me. The parents (Chad and Shirley) came to me for their wedding invitation suites. Less then a year of marriage and they are back for more from Pretty Peacock Paperie! It was such a joy to create these invitations for the arrival of their precious baby!

Invites for Baby Macy
Swirl Detail
Perfect for a new Princess!

Special Invites for Special Friends

These are some samples I created for friends of the family. I have watched these two grow into not only amazing people but an amazing couple. It was an honor to create their invites and to help plan the wedding! I love the colors and how they came together.

Beach motif with Turquoise Elements!
Swarovski Detail
Seahorse Monogram Details


Hello Readers!

Hello to all of my readers!

This is my first blog post and I am very excited to start it! Thank you very much for stopping by my blog and reading. This blog will document my journey into the invitation business world. I am currently trying to start-up my own invitation design business. This blog will have topics such as invitation trends, business plans, actual invitations that I custom design as well as some DIY projects. I hope that you find the content interesting and enlightening.

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