Real Wedding: Vimaris + Lawrence Get Married at the Buccaneer

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Today’s real wedding is near and dear to my heart! I can’t tell you all how much this woman inspires me in my career. She is a kind, caring an inspirational person and I am so happy to see that she has been blessed with this amazing man!

So here it is! Oh yea, this wedding was put together in FIVE days! Yes, can you believe it?!? Crazy, right! Welp, she did it and the wedding turned out amazing. This is just proof that nothing is impossible!


The Buccaneer, US Virgin Islands
The Buccaneer, US Virgin Islands
Mr. and Mrs. James
Mr. and Mrs. James


A Classic tablescape that exudes elegance.
A Classic tablescape that exudes elegance.



Bride and Groom: Vimaris L. Corcino and Lawrence E. James, Jr.

Wedding Date: May 31, 2013

Wedding Colors: Royal Blue & Beige

Wedding Locations: Ceremony: The Buccaneer Hotel’s Sugar Mill. Reception: The Buccaneer Hotel- Terrace Restaurant (http://www.thebuccaneer.com)

Wedding Vendors:
Flowers/Decorations: Wild Orchid Gifts & Flowers (Beatriz); Cake: Manuel Lugo; Videographer: Lee Lashly; Photographer: David (pronounced Dah-veed) Berg @blackwoodimaging; Tuxedos: Applause; Dress: Paradise Flowers & House of Brides

How did you meet?
Him and I met back in March of 2009. We met in our Police Academy Class. Later on, we realized that we went to the same elementary school together, he says he remembers me but I definitely don’t remember him, lol.

What was your favorite moment from the day?
There were sooooo many favorite moments! Moments that stand out the most for that day were, in the hotel room getting ready, it was just my best friend, who’s also my sorority sister, and it was just so much fun, because we were watching tv, making jokes, taking silly pictures as we got ready. Another moment was when my dad saw me for the first time, I’m a total daddy’s girl, and the way he looked at me was the first time I had become emotional/nervous the entire day. Lastly, walking down the aisle and seeing my husband crying, was such a shock. He’s not an emotional person and he could not stop crying. I definitely saw him in a new light.

What family traditions did you follow if any?
The only family tradition that I can really think of is that both my sister and I got to wear our mother’s diamond/sapphire ring as the “something old” and “something blue.”

What was the most interesting part of the planning process:
Being as though, my wedding was planned in 5 days, it was all very interesting! My dress was the most nerve wracking thing! Because the Monday (May 27th) was a holiday I was not able to order it until the Tuesday. We paid extra to get the super express shipping and it was supposed to arrive Thursday at 10 am. That time came and went, no dress, 12pm came and went no dress, 3pm came and went no dress, finally after 6pm, we received a call from a friend of my mom’s at the post office that the dress arrived. I ordered a size smaller and bigger because my size was not in stock! I was able to fit in the smaller size!

What advice would you offer to other brides?
My advice to other brides: Do your research! I really think the reason why my family was able to do put together the wedding of my dreams together in 5 days was because I had already been looking and setting aside pictures of different things that I liked and wanted for my wedding day. So my advice is to put little ideas together in a book (notebook or wedding book) so when the time comes it won’t be so stressful or overwhelming.

I hope you all enjoyed this awesome wedding as much as I did!

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Tangerine + Lime Green Wedding Invitations by Pretty Peacock Paperie

Today on the Blog I am showing off a new design from Pretty Peacock Paperie. I went with a Tangerine and Lime color scheme for these wedding invitations but the suit is available for customization. These Invitations are fresh and elegant for any Spring or Summer Wedding. This invitation suite is part of the NEW Whimsical Garden Collection and will be available on Etsy for purchase by the end of this week. This wedding invitation suite comes standard with a Single Panel printed on a heavy luxury paper, RSVP, RSVP envelope and Mailing envelope, return addressing both Envelopes, and genuine Swarovski Crystal detailing.

Wedding invitations by Pretty Peacock Paperie
Accent your wedding with these beautiful invitations
Wedding Invitations
Invitation with RSVP card and return addressing
Wedding Monogram
Swarovski embellished Monogram
Wedding INvitations
Tangerine and Lime wedding invitation
RSVP card
RSVP card with Return address printing
Wedding INvitations Tampa and Orlando
Lime and Tangerine

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Do You Need Save the Dates and Invitations?

I have recently read several articles stating that brides should take more advantage of the internet by using electronic invites and save the dates. I decided that I needed to do a blog post about this for many reasons. No I’m not afraid that all the brides in the world will resort to this and put Pretty Peacock Paperie out of business! I am doing this because I feel strongly about it! So, here goes!

A wedding is a meaningful event that takes place in most of our lives. It is special and commemorates the emotional bond that two people share. In no way shape or form should this event be taken lightly!

Save the Dates are a preliminary correspondence and it is optional. However, I think that Save the Dates are important. If you have a large crowd coming from out of town consider sending some. They are simple, usually cheaper than invitations, and are a good way to keep your guests in the loop. You want to send them out early so that your guests can begin travel arrangements. This is a courteous gesture to show your guests that you care and that you actually want them to come to your wedding!

The invitation is the gateway into your event. Guests receive a beautiful piece of mail and anticipate opening it. Trust me everyone loves getting mail! Once the pretty mail is opened they get all of the details for your event. Not only date and time but the color story, the themes and motifs that will most likely be used. Most importantly, they get the loving feeling that you took time to personally address something specifically for them. In a way it shows what type of host you will be.

When someone sends out an electronic invite it sends the message of a cold cyber world! Just copy paste the email address in and send, voila! You are done! Though it may be easier it is still a very cold gesture. Not to mention the evite could also get lost in cyber space or it could go to spam. The older generation often forgoes technology. So all of your older guests who do not have emails will not be able to receive a virtual invitation. Finally, your invitation should be a keepsake. Moms, grandmas and even brides cherish their invitations and keep them as a momento. If you send a virtual email there is no way to preserve the invite besides saving the email.

I hope This helps those teetering on the edge of a risqué decision. Every budget has a price point so don’t use that as an excuse! Stationers everywhere are willing to work with a range of budgets! All you have to do is ask! And if you get turned away try DIY-ing or look for affordable options. Either way there are tons of options out there. Etsy.com is a great source for inexpensive invitations, DIY invitations, and even templates! DOn’t forget to visit our shop while you are there!

The Center Panel and inserts
The Center Panel and inserts

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Gillespie~Rodriguez Wedding

Ok, so of course there was a professional photog there but I could not resist. These photos are from a camera phone so don’t judge the quality of the photos! I will have real photos in the coming weeks!


All I can say is what a beautiful couple and what a beautiful and intimate wedding. Thank you for the opportunity to help plan your wedding!


Love and Light,


Natalie Henry-Charles

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Pretty Peacock Paperie Featured in WellWed The Hamptons!

My sister Racquel is a creative writer. She once told me there is nothing like seeing your work in print! In an actual print magazine that people hold in their hands. I did not take this statement to heart because after all she is a writer. Writers get published right? Well, it turns out that wedding professionals can also get published too and she was right. There is no feeling like seeing your work in print and know that your work is valid!

I am featured in a photo shoot designed by Sandra Downie! This shoot happened last July and we are seeing the benefits of the shoot in the 2012 Spring/Summer edition of WellWed Magazine the Hamptons issue. Words cannot describe how happy and excited I am to be featured and I have to Thank Mrs. Sandra Downie from Connecticut for giving me the opportunity to work with her! It was a long distance collaboration and it worked out wonderfully! Go to her website and blog for more wedding inspiration! http://www.sandradownie.com/ and also head over to WellWed magazine for some awesome weddings and inspiration! http://www.wellwed.com/

Here are some pictures from the photo shoot!

Pretty Peacock Paperie http://www.prettypeacockpaperie.com[/caption%5D Pretty Peacock Paperie http://www.prettypeacockpaperie.com[/caption%5D

Love and Light,

Natalie Henry-Charles






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