What is an Outer Envelope and Do I Need One?

The outer envelope is just what the name suggests, an envelope that goes on the outside of an invitation. So, the invitation has two total invitations. An outer envelope can be used in modern stationery, but is often left out. Traditionally, the outer envelope was used before we had a true mailing system. Families would send invitations to their guests via horseback. Needless to say these invitations would travel through all of the elements, weather and nature itself to get to the guests. Outer envelopes would be used to protect the invitation and the envelope inside. When the person delivering the invitation arrived at the residence, he immediately removed the often stained and unsightly outer envelope and presented the guest with a pristine inner envelope and invitation!

So, in today’s world it is not really necessary. If you are traditional and really want one then definitely add them to your order. However, with the rise of colored and specialty envelopes, the outer/inner envelope has been replaced by just a mailing envelope.

If you are opting for an outer/inner envelope, be sure that you are addressing them correctly. The outer envelope would be completely addressed and the inner envelope would have the names of the guests invited. This is often an added cost with stationers so be weary when adding this to your order! AS with everything be sure to get everything your package includes in writing in the contract.

I hope this helps to clear up any questions about Outer Envelopes! If you have further questions you can always contact us at !



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Pretty Peacock Paperie featured on Sweet Violet Bride!

This morning Pretty Peacock Paperie was featured on Sweet Violet Bride! We are in love with this shoot that Ashlie Shea of Weddings in the City put together. Heather Rice of Heather Rice Photography was the amazing photographer on this shoot! I love working with these ladies and I am always guaranteed a fun project!

The theme was glamping, Glamorous Camping! How neat is this concept!? To see the whole post go to:  

Florida Glamping Styled Wedding {Heather Rice Photography} 5

Florida Glamping Styled Wedding {Heather Rice Photography} 6

Florida Glamping Styled Wedding {Heather Rice Photography} 16

Photographer: Heather Rice Photography / Equipment Rentals: All Things Vintage / Event Designer:Atmospheres Floral and Decor / Cake Designer: Bliss Pastry / Makeup Artist: Kristy’s Makeup Artistry & Hair Design Team / Transportation: Marbais Enterprises / Event Venue: Mission Inn Resort / Invitation Designer: Pretty Peacock Paperie / Event Planner: Weddings in the City / Submitted via Two Bright Lights




Pretty Peacock Paperie

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What is a Production Queue?

Due to the influx of clients, Pretty Peacock Paperie has implemented a Queue list. I have had several of my clients ask what it is and how it works. So, I decided that I would go ahead and do a blog post about it in order to educate everyone!

What is it?

A Queue is a system that helps with work flow for businesses with multiple clients at different stages in the process. Every business has a workflow or a way of executing business quickly and efficiently. Every workflow is different. Queue systems help manage this and helps to keep all clients on track.

How does it work?

A queue is simple. All clients are added to the list. Each client has a specific task that needs to be completed according to the work flow. It is not fair to work on only one client until their job is complete and there would be a ton of dead space in between. So, once all the clients are in the queue we work from the top. Once the task is completed we scratch off that client and their task from the list. The following client in the queue is up next. This is a continuous process. If a client has another task, (For example, edits, or if we complete an edit and you need another.) we then add them back into the queue at the bottom of the list. Eventually, the task will rise to the top of the queue as tasks for other clients are completed.

We have found that this is the most fair system. With clients both local and Nationwide we needed a system that would be fair for everyone. If you are in a rush to get your order please contact us directly. You can forego the queue for a rush fee and this will ensure that you get your paper products in your desired timeframe.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!


Pretty Planning,


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A Fairytale Wedding for a Very Special Bride

We were honored and so blessed to be a part of this amazing wedding. At the end of March, a couple renewed their vows. The beautiful bride has stage four cancer and wanted to renew her vows to her husband. A friend of mine, Michelle, brought me in to do the paper products. I am so pleased that these vendors were able to come together to great a true fairy tale! See how it all turned out below!





Swans were used both on the Head table and the invitations because swans mate for life. In any swan’s life they will only have one partner. The team decided to use this with our fairytale motif!

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful vow renewal!


Pretty Planning,

Natalie Henry-Charles

Pretty Peacock Paperie~ Orlando Wedding Invitations

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