Ok so, these cards are a bit controversial. However, I really love them! When I was designing my line, I thought about my girlfriends. What do we love, hate, like to do? (The answer was we love drinking!)  How do we talk amongst each other? (The answer to this was: we keep it real!) So it was only natural for me to come up with cards that fit the moments we have encountered.

A big situation that has come up is the dreaded break up. I know, touchy subject, but a reality of life. Some of those breakups were amicable but many (college years) were not so great. So these cards are for the ones that were not so great! Stay tuned for new break up cards about female break ups!

Break up greeting card by Pretty Peacock Paperie BU-1 - Orlando, Florida

Break up greeting card by Pretty Peacock Paperie - Orlando, Florida BU-2

Break up greeting cards Pretty Peacock Paperie BU-3 - Orlando, Florida