A Reflection of 9-11

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So as we all know, today is September 11th. A day that is truly somber in the U.S. My heart goes out to all the families who lost loved ones on that day. I know there is no way that I can really relate but I want to offer you my love and support. I also want you to know that God is with you always. He will guide you and take care of you! A scripture that always helps me cope is

REVELATION 21:4, And He will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and Death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be no more. The former things have passed away.

Today, I started my day with a run. I reflected the entire time on life and how lucky we are to be alive. It is so important to wake up everyday and love your family and friends. Tell them how much you appreciate them and love them. Hug them, spend time with them. And, really do this. Don’t just be in a room with them. Spend time with them! That means being less conscious of all our technology and more conscious of moments together! I know this is hard. Even  I falter on this sometimes. (Especially, because I run a business.) But you have to fight the urge, because essentially our lives are not guaranteed.

We must also live according to God. We should live to please him and in a fashion that would make him proud. That means loving ALL of our brothers and sisters worldwide and offering support to those around us! Nothing is ever gained in hate and we must set the example.

Again, my heart goes out to those family and friends who lost loved ones. My hope is that you can find comfort in God and the outpouring of love!



Natalie Henry-Charles

Brand Spanking NEW LOOK for the Peacock!

Yesterday we revealed our new look on IG (Instagram) If you have not already, go follow us! Many times I reveal things to IG and my list FIRST! So stay in the loop girl!

I am so happy to reveal our brand spanking new look for Pretty Peacock Paperie! There have been so many new changes this past summer. So let me fill you in!
 Pretty Peacock Paperie - Washington D.C. Wedding Invitations  
Pretty Peacock Paperie - Washington D.C. Wedding Invitations W E   M O V E D !
Yes, we moved to Northern Virginia, also known as NOVA. We are now serving the DMV area. This includes Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia!
W H A T   D O E S     T H I S     M E A N     F O R   W I N T E R     P A R K ?

We are STILL operating in Winter Park! Our space 336 Grove Ave. is still in use and will continue to be used for our local clientele! Consults will be on a first come, first served basis and will only occur one week out of the month. If you are a local couple please book us early!
N E W L O O K !

We have new branding! This has been a labor of love for sure. Many people have asked about my new branding. Apparently, people deemed my old look beautiful! This is something I have wanted to do for a while. With our recent move, I figured what the heck, now is as good of a time as any!

This new look is near and dear to my heart because it represents me. I wanted the look to be young, fresh and powerful. Most of all I wanted it to represent my artistic side. I seriously miss being a fine artist. Design is definitely an art form but I only recently began to view it as one. This summer I had the revelation… I A M A N A R T I S T. Although I have taken a different route than I originally expected, I am still an artist! Art has been my love for as long as I can remember and I feel blessed that I am able to earn a living doing what I love: creating art! Because that’s what your invitations and paper goods are little piece of art!

While we are still taking on custom clients, we are shifting our focus to the online marketplace. Beautifully design invitations and paper goods will be available on Etsy and our site. The reason for this is because one day we plan to move back to Florida and starting from scratch with every move is a Biotch! This last move to the DMV area now marks the third time we have had to start over, from the ground up! If I had to do this for a fourth time, I think I would most certainly die!

I hope this clears up any questions that may be circulating around! Tell us what you think of our new look! I hope that you love it as much as I do!
Natalie Henry-Charles

Pretty Peacock Paperie

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N E W! Garden Roses Wedding Invitation Suite on Etsy

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WASHINGTON D.C. We have just listed a NEW suite on Etsy! Check out our Garden Roses Suite today! I love how delicate and sweet this invitation suite is! This suite is perfect for any:

  1. Garden wedding with a soft palette
  2. Wedding with a blush palette
  3. Feminine wedding
  4. Outdoor wedding
  5. Wedding that has a strong focus on flowers
  6. Bridal Shower or Baby Shower

Go Here to view it!  At just $4.95 per suite this invitation is a steal! Convo us today to get the low down on this super sweet suite! How will you use our suite!? We wanna see your GORG wedding and event photos!

Blush Garden Roses Wedding Invitation Suite by Pretty Peacock Paperie - Wedding Invitations in Washington D.C. Blush Garden Roses Wedding Invitation Suite by Pretty Peacock Paperie - Wedding Invitations in Washington D.C. Blush Garden Roses Wedding Invitation Suite by Pretty Peacock Paperie - Wedding Invitations in Washington D.C. Blush Garden Roses Wedding Invitation Suite by Pretty Peacock Paperie - Wedding Invitations in Washington D.C. Blush Garden Roses Wedding Invitation Suite by Pretty Peacock Paperie - Wedding Invitations in Washington D.C.



FEATURED: Little Mermaid Themed Wedding Shoot at Paradise Cove

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Today we have been Featured on Brenda’s Wedding Blog! Our Little Mermaid themed styled shoot is sure to please every Disney lover! The details are spot on and just plain gorgeous. I think that this shoot is relevant to even a beach wedding, destination wedding or a seaside themed wedding. I love it when shoot come together and create pure magic!


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