Turquoise Three Ways!

I am seeing a great deal of turquoise at weddings these days. It may be because Pretty Peacock Paperie is based in Tampa Bay and the surrounding beachy areas. Many of my brides are choosing turquoise colors but they are mixing them in profound ways. I find this interesting because in a sense brides are becoming my inspiration when mixing colors.

Turquoise and Hot Pink/Pale Pink: These colors pop. The colors can be used in a variety of themes and are very versatile. I love this combo because these two colors can be soft and pretty or modern and edgy.

Turquoise and Peach/Orange: Again another great combo. I have seen brides select the color to go with their beach weddings. This is great because it adds a bit of fun to a classic beach wedding and utilizes color not common with this type of wedding!

Turquoise and Pewter/Silver: Turquoise always looks great with metallics. Dress up the color with a pewter/silver combo. This is great for weddings and events that are more formal. You still have a great bright color but it becomes subtle and more muted next to pewter.

I hope that you all are brave enough to try new color combinations. I know that this has inspired me to think outside of the box when it comes to color!! What great color combos can you come up with?

Turquoise and Pink
Turquoise and Orange
Turquoise and Pewter

A Bachelor Party Adventure for David!

Recently, a beautiful couple came in and asked for something special. They were having a destination wedding in the Bahamas and wanted to do something different. They explained to me that the time spent at other weddings was usually short and lacking the wow factor. So, they decided that their wedding and wedding activities would take place over the course of one week. The invitations are made with 100% Silk Dupioni, Card stock, double sided Satin ribbon and an actual Cigar! This invitation is one of my favorites! Below are photos of the beautiful bachelor invitations that we came up with. I think that they came out amazing! Stay tuned for another blog post on the Bachelorette party invitations! What do you think about these invites!?

Silk Invitation
David's "Last week of freedom"!
Silk Bachelor party invitation
Close up of the Exotic Adventure
David's Exotic Bachelor Party Invitation
Invitation with Cigar
DonTomas Cigar
DonTomas Cigar
Invitation with Chocolate Satin Ribbon
Back Side of the Invitation
Beautiful Silk Elements, Double Sided Satin and an Actual Cigar!

Top 5 Secrets to Staying in budget for your Wedding

Brides and Event Planners have one major goal in mind. This goal is to stay in budget! This is something that everyone has to deal with on a daily basis. I want to say first and foremost that everyone struggles with this. And this is perfectly ok! Whether or not your budget is 5,000 or 500,000 these tips will be helpful for everyone.

Secret #1: Be realistic when setting a budget. This is a no Brainer. Everyone says this but many do not act on it. Many even skip it all together! My advice is to create a “to the tee” budget including every single expenditure. Now make a spreadsheet with slots for all of the information. Carry this around EVERYWHERE you go! This keeps you in check visually. When you open up to your budget sheet you will know exactly what you can spend and how much you can spend on each individual service. (Next week I will be emailing everyone on my email list a F*R*E*E excel Wedding Budget Spreadsheet. This sheet will allow you to input information and it adds everything together for you!)

Secret #2: Be Upfront! When you meet with vendors be upfront. Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy. When you are clear about how much you want to spend vendors will take note. Most will show you products and services that meet your needs and your budget. Unfortunately, some will still show you products and services that are out of your budget. This brings me to my next point…

Secret: #3: Stand Firm! I mean really stick to your budget! There is something out there for everyone and every budget. Below are some examples of centerpieces. Priced low medium and high end. You can have the look for less and you can have the dream wedding you want! If you do happen to go over in one area you must subtract the surplus (the amount that you go over) from another area!

Secret #4: Think outside the box! Try to incorporate products and services that are free. Using these free services can really add up and save you some extra dough! For example, many venues include white table linens. Use white in the color story of your wedding and use those free linens. By using the linens you would save at least $200.00 minimum! What else comes free of charge?

Secret #5: Communicate! I think that this is definitely the most important secret to staying in budget. Not only must you communicate with vendors but also with loved ones. Keeping the lines of communication open is extremely important. Try weekly meetings to address spending (what you have spent and what needs to be spent), deadlines/due dates, and what can be cut/enhanced! This keeps couples on the same page and allows them to evaluate their budget on a constant basis. This is something that is really important.

I hope that this post was helpful for those evaluating their budgets! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time I am always available to chat! info@prettypeacockpaperie.com !



Dessert of the Week: Crème Brûlée

The exact origin of this dessert is still unknown to the world.  The creme custard part is made from eggs, creme and sugar. The top is made from sugar that is melted to perfection. This melted sugar hardens when cooled. Upon serving the dessert the top is tapped on and the sugar crust shatters. The dessert is served cold and usually with a mix of berries! Try it with citrus flavoring or even pistachio…Yum!

Try this dessert as alternative to a large cake. Individualized desserts are easier to serve and create less of a headache. Besides all of this the dessert is pretty fab!

Creme Brulee
Creme Brulee with Mixed Berries
Creme Brulee


What is Dupioni Silk and Why is it so Pricey?

Many of you may be wondering, “What is dupioni silk and why is it so pricey?” After working with many brides who desire something out of the ordinary for their wedding invitations.

Silk is made from a organic material. Silk worms spin cocoons that produce silk ( hence their name!) once the silk fibers are created and dyed they are assembled. Dupioni silk consistes of two different colored strings being woven together. This is what creates the beautiful and luxurious sheen that dupioni silk is famous for. Dupioni silk has a quality that many other silks do not have. Dupioni silk resists wrinkles and creases and is more durable then many other delicate silks. Dupioni silk is also hand spun. The human touch is evident in the texture of the fabric. Throughout the weaving there are small pockets and folds of texture.

Overall this silk screams luxury. I love the added elegance that silk adds to invitation. Many clients ask if it is appropriate for event other than weddings. My answer is that I do believe it is appropriate. Again, this silk can get pricey. However, this feature can be added to any type of invitation. For a baby shower try a beautiful pastel Dupioni silk! For an Art Gallery Opening try a bright bold silk like red or blue!

Silk features such as panels and boxes are extremely difficult to make. With an average of $20.00 a yard you can now see why this product is hard to come by! Check out this silk invite from Pretty Peacock Paperie!


Purple Silk Invitation Holder

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