Special Invites for Special Friends

These are some samples I created for friends of the family. I have watched these two grow into not only amazing people but an amazing couple. It was an honor to create their invites and to help plan the wedding! I love the colors and how they came together.

Beach motif with Turquoise Elements!
Swarovski Detail
Seahorse Monogram Details


Wedding Budget Cheat Sheet!

Hello there! I am so sorry that our Tips are late this week. Normally, I try to post by Thursday of every week. However, I was sick yesterday. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience!

Below you will your wedding cheat sheet. The percentages are meant to be used once you have your overall budget. From here you can take the percentage of your total budget and figure out each category and the amount on moolah that goes in each! Nifty huh!? Customize your budget by prioritizing what is important to you. Do want more flowers but think you can pass on the transportation? Then allocate those extra funds to your flowers!

I truly hope that this helps each every person. This is one of the hardest steps when planning your wedding. However, with the tools I have given to you, I am confident that you will be able to master your budget. Once you master this step everything falls into place!

Wedding budget

Your total wedding budget: ___________________________

Ceremony (typically 5%)
Ceremony site fee, Officiants fee, Officiants gratuity, Guest book/pen/ penholder, Ring bearer pillow, Flower girl basket

Subtotal for 1: ______________________________

Wedding attire (typically=10%)

Bridal gown, Alterations, Headpieces/veil, Gloves, Jewelry, Garter/stockings,

Shoes, Hairdresser, Makeup artist, Manicure/pedicure, Grooms formal wear
Subtotal 2: _________________________________

Photography (typically = 9%)

Bride and grooms album, Engagement photographs, Formal bridal portrait, Parents album, Proofs/review, Digital files, Extra prints

Subtotal 3: _________________________________

Videography (typically usually= 5%)

Main video, Titles, Extra hours, Photo montage, Extra copies

Subtotal 4: _________________________________

Stationary (typically = 4%)

Invitations, Response cards, Reception cards, Ceremony cards, Pew cards
Seating/place cards, Rain cards, Maps, Ceremony programs, Announcements, Thank you notes, Stamps, Calligraphy, Napkins/matchbooks

Subtotal 5: _________________________________

Reception (typically =35%)

Reception site fee
Hors d’oeuvres, Main meal/ caterer, Liquor/beverages, Bar tending/bar setup fee, Corkage fee
Fee to pour coffee, Vendor meals, Gratuity, Favors
Disposable cameras, Rose petals/rice, Gift attendant, Parking fee/valet services

Subtotal 6: _________________________________

Music (typically =5%)

Ceremony music
Reception music

Subtotal 7: ______________________________

Bakery (typically =2%)

Wedding cake
Grooms cake, Cake delivery/set up fee, Cake cutting fee
Cake top, Cake knife/toasting glasses

Subtotal 8: __________________________________

Flowers (typically =6%)

Maid of honor

Maid of honor
Flower girl

Family member corsages

Other family members

Ceremony site
Main altar
Altar candelabra
Aisle pews

Reception site
Reception site
Head table
Guest tables
Buffet tables
Punch table
Cake table
Cake knife
Toasting glasses
Floral delivery/setup fee

Subtotal 9: _____________________________

Decorations (typically = 3%)

Detailed decorations
Table Centerpieces

Subtotal 10: _____________________________

Transportation (typically =2%)


Subtotal 11: ___________________________________

Rental items (typically =3%)

Bridal slip, Ceremony accessories, Tent/canopy, Dance floor, Tables/chairs, Linen/tableware
Heaters, Lanterns, Other rental items

Subtotal 12: ______________________________________

Gifts (typically =3%)

Bride gift, Groom gift, Bridesmaids gifts, Ushers gifts

Subtotal 13: _______________________________________

Parties (typically =4%)

Bridesmaid luncheon
Rehearsal dinner

Subtotal 14: ________________________________________

Miscellaneous (typically =4%)

Newspaper announcement, Marriage license, Prenuptial agreement, Bridal gown preservation, Bridal bouquet preservation,
Wedding consultant, Wedding planning online, Taxes

Subtotal 15: __________________________

Grand total (add budget and actual subtotals 1-15) : ____________________________________

How did it turn out? Let me know if you need any help! As always I am always available to chat! Happy Planning Lovies!

Natalie Henry-Charles
Pretty Peacock Paperie~Custom Luxury Invitations

It Colors: Navy and Canary!

This is a color combo that I am completely in love with! The deep luxurious tones of Navy paired with the light and brights hue of yellow. The two colors are both primary colors however they go together so well! I love that this color scheme can be extremely formal and placed in a ballroom setting OR it can be chic and casual and placed in an outdoor preppy setting. The versatility of this color scheme is amazing! Do I have any brave planners or brides out there willing to try this color combo!? What do you think about this color story?

Navy Blue and Canary Yellow Invitations
Navy Blue and Canary Yellow Invitations
Tile motif
Detail view
Motif Detail

Flirty Feminine Brides

One of the many trends for 2011 is the theme of femininity. Brides are taking pastels, lace and ruffles to a new level. The invitation world is seeing more and more delicate details. Invitations are taking on a more subtle color scheme. I have found that many clients are opting for more glitz and glamour. Invitations are becoming more glam with rhinestones, pearls and lace appliqués. A nice spin on this is to incorporate shabby chic and vintage elements.  If old romance and delicacy is your style then this theme is something that you should look into.

Some ideas and pictures to make this theme modern are depicted below:

The Epitome of Girly!

Wedding Budget Tracker! Stay in Budget!

Happy Thursday everyone! We are almost to the weekend of this short week! Get excited because we are giving away a F*R*E*E wedding tracker worksheet!

This is a handy-dandy Wedding/Event Budget tracker. Click on the link below to download your copy of this F*R*E*E Budget tracker. If anyone is interested in the worksheet feel free to email me directly at either info@PrettyPeacockPaperie.com or PrettyPeacockPaperie@ymail.com  and you can also download it from the link below.

As we discussed last week this is one of the best ways to save on your wedding or any event in general. Knowing your budget is the key to saving. When you know what you can spend you will be less likely to overspend. Having a place where you can look at each expenditure allows you to focus and realize what you are spending. ***It is not too late to start!***

How does this help you?

This budget sheet helps to keep your budget in check by not only giving you a visual of numbers but also a visual of a graph. This pie chart fluctuates with your budget and automatically shows you where all of your money is going. This is great because you can see where your priorities are.

STAY TUNED IN! Next week we will discuss the budget one more time. We will go over percentages and how much everything should cost. We go step by step and insert the proper percentages for your budget and your worksheet. Example: If you have a budget of 20,000 we will tell you how much everything should cost with that particular budget.

Lots of Love and Light,





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