Marla’s Invitations

These invites were created for Marla. They feature Swarovski crystal elements and double sided satin ribbon. The invite was a pocket fold which organized all of her

information seamlessly! Her color story centered around charcoals, silvers and white. This invitation is truly one of a kind and special. It was a pleasure to work with such a kind and amazing bride like Marla!


Invite Closed
The Marla Invite: Open
The Center Panel and inserts
Swarovski Crystal Detail
Insert Detail Shot

NEW! “It” Flowers for Your Wedding or Event

So recently I have had a couple brides who have wanted something special. They wanted something fun and fresh that would not send their bridal budgets into a downward tailspin! So, I came up with a couple of ideas. The idea is to have a lush look that seems quite full without being overly costly. It is ok, you do not always have to spend a trillion dollars on flowers. (After all, they do die!) So here are some great flowers choices that will not break the bank but will leave your guests wow-ed!

Carnations: These flowers are making a come back! This flower was popular for events in the 80s and 90s but they soon died out. Carnations can be found year round which is great for any budget and is also cost effective. You can find these pretty buds for $1.00 or even less! That is a steal!
How to use them: Use these babies in numbers and one color. You want to be sure to cover entire surfaces with this flower. Their textured edges create a very lush look for a low cost. Even Preston Bailey, the KING of wedding design uses carnations!

Baby’s Breath: This flower was also popular in the 80’s! This flower has tiny white blooms in large quantities on each stem. Overall, the price point is low because they are considered “filler” flowers. When placed in large quantities the flowers looks lush and vintage!

How to Use: use these flowers in large quantities also. The tiny blooms come together to create one massive and impressive structure.


And last but certainly not least,

Tulips: these are my favorite types of flower! Tulips are very versatile and are inexpensive especially during the spring months when it is most readily available! Unlike our other flowers tulips have several types. The main one that we see around Easter are regular tulips. French tulips are more streamlined and full. Finally, Parrot tulips (my FAVORITE!) have a textured edge that looks frayed. They come in colors that look almost painted on to its surface and are simply stunning!

How to use: Use these flowers sparingly for a modern minimalist look or in large numbers for a luxe look! Mix inexpensive tulips with more luxurious tulips like the Parrot tulip!


I hope this helps and triggers some inspiration in everyone! Enjoy! Next week we will get into INVITATIONS! YAY!

Color Story: Peachy Keen

I am in love with peach and gold. I think the colors are fresh and new. The combination of peach with the gold is feminine and playful. This color story would go great with a whimsical wedding, a flirty feminine wedding and a romantic wedding. Of course, with any color combination the possibilities are endless. You can pair this scheme with themes that are already popular like an all peach and gold big tent theme, an Indian inspired wedding, or even A Midsummer Night’s Dream theme. It seems a bit weird but trust me it is your event…you can do anything! The sky is the limit! It just takes a bit of creativity and the courage to step outside of the box! Trust me it is great out here!

Peachy Keen Wedding Color Story

Welcoming Baby Macy

These invitations are really special to me. The parents (Chad and Shirley) came to me for their wedding invitation suites. Less then a year of marriage and they are back for more from Pretty Peacock Paperie! It was such a joy to create these invitations for the arrival of their precious baby!

Invites for Baby Macy
Swirl Detail
Perfect for a new Princess!

Tiffany Inspired Invites

After a great deal of editting we finally came up with something amazing and special! I am so happy with how these came out! Jennifer loves her bling and sparkle. I think we delivered! What do you all think? I hope that you like the invites!

Tiffany Sparkle Invitations
Tiffany Inspired Invitation Suite
Tiffany Inspired Invitations

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