U P D A T E : O U R   B I G   N E W S

So, it has been quite a while since my last post! But since then the Pretty Peacock brand has gone through a lot of changes. One of the B I G G  E S T changes is that we have moved back to Orlando. I know, I know, this was super sudden, but believe me, it’s a blessing! As you may know, we moved to DC for my husband’s job last year. The reason we moved back is because…..DRUMROLL please….WE ARE PREGNANT! As I write this post, I am 17 weeks and 4 days pregnant! We feel so blessed to be chosen to birth a child into this world. When we found out, we knew the best decision would be the hardest decision, and that was to find a job closer to home. But then, the greatest blessing came. Jeff was able to transfer within his company, and whatayaknow, they had an office 15 minutes north of Orlando! Just like that, our city livin’ turned into a mad dash for Florida! The last month has taken quite a toll on me but I feel so incredibly blessed. I can’t thank Jehovah enough for making our paths straight and helping us to do this!

M A T E R N I T Y   L E A V E   A N D   N E W   W O R K

Another change that we will be experiencing towards the end of the year is maternity leave. This is something that I have been toying with for quite some time. When do I stop working? What will brides do if their wedding is next year? etc. So to solve this I will be rolling out a pre-designed line of stationery at the beginning of this fall. I will still hold consults for my local girls so they can see the quality in person. However, instead of doing super custom pieces, I will be signing contracts for only our line of stationery and gifts. This line will be super modern and streamline in an effort to fit in with a multitude of styles for my girls! We are taking the summer to work on this line and to take a break from the back to back nature of producing for clients. This is a big change and I hope that everyone loves what we are working on as much as I do!

A N N I V E R S A R Y   P H O T O S

While we were living up north we had our 5 year anniversary photos done by the sweetest, most amazing photographer, Liz Fogarty of Elizabeth Fogarty Photography. I can’t tell you how amazing she is! We wanted something special to commemorate our five years of marriage and 9 years of being together. I spoke to many photogs about my vision and dreams but most fell flat. From start to finish, Liz just clicked, it was seriously a dream experience! You can find our session on her site here!

N E W   S I T E

In lieu of all the changes that are happening around here, we will also be updating our website. I was never really in love with this layout. So, we will be rolling out a brand sparkling new site along with our pre-designed line at the beginning of fall! Get ready for some awesome changes!!!!



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