3 Quick Tips: What to do BEFORE you Meet with your Stationer
1. Do some research. I tell my clients to always do their research. Make sure you want to work with this person. Get an idea of what you want. What are the possibilities!? The more you know the easier the process will go! Interact with your favorite stationers on social media and ask questions! Read about processes and read about the different types of invitations and printing processes. ::Shameless plug:: We have some pretty amazing content on our site about this! Feel free to take a peek! I want every couple to be informed about what goes into their stationery purchase.
2. Know what you can spend and what things cost. So often couples come to me with no idea of what things cost. This goes back to research. Get on the internet and Google! (My best friend) Many vendors will at least put their starting prices on their site. This will give you a ballpark. Keep in mind that many custom design houses implement an additional design fee in addition to the cost of the actual invitations! So factor this into your budget.
3. Know your timeline AND your numbers. Let me say that again, KNOW your timeline AND your numbers! Having your details together will definitely save you time and headache. Right now I have at least three brides that are on re-order for their wedding invitations. I say it until I am turquoise in the face! Order extras and start the process with enough time. You should be ordering at least 10% extra. If you have a large guests list, order at least 15-20% extra. I have had quite a few brides under order with me this year. This is a costly mistake. You will end up paying more for reorders than if you just purchase a few extra. Many stationers, myself included will charge a fee for reorder, so make sure you check that list twice!
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