3 Quick Tips: How to Master your RSVPs

Inviting your guests to your wedding is the easy part. Managing your guests is a whole other story! If your planner does this for you suhhhh-weeet! If not here are 3 quick tips to keeping everything in check!

1. Make sure your wording is on point! This is KEY! Be sure that you have a line for Names and their guest. If you have meal options on there be sure to include a line for who gets what meal. Nothing is worse than having to call EVERY.SINGLE. GUEST. to find out what they want to eat. I like to also include a dietary restriction line for people with allergies/intolerances.
2. Number them and create a key. Number those bad boys! There are always at least 3 people who do not bother to put a name or a return address!!! ALWAYS! Save your self the stress of having to figure out who cannot follow directions by creating a code!
3. Get them Digitalized! As soon as you get a fresh batch of responses add them to an online manager. Don’t wait to do it all at once. This will be overwhelming! Adding them to an online manager will help you down the line when you have to give the caterers numbers for attendance and meals and when you create seating charts! It will also help your stationer with the place/escort cards!
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