3 Quick Tips: How to Effectively Proofread Your Invitations 
I think many times people disregard or underestimate the revision process. This is the key to making sure your invitations turn out beautifully. So, treat it with respect and give your revisions the time and dedication that it needs.
Here are 3 Quick Tips to make sure the process goes smoothly!
1. Who, Where, Why, When, and sometimes How! Be sure to have these key components on your invitation. Your invitations should give your guests the most amount of information about the event as possible.  Be sure that the suite has your key information and then expand on it!
2. Have an extra set of eyes read it. This is really important! I say to have at least 3 people read your entire suite. Choose people who actually care about getting it right. Do you know an English teacher or a professor? Choose them before your friend who has zero interest in your invitations!
3. Take your time and check for spelling. I think the key here is taking your time. Go through your wording with a fine tooth comb. Set aside time to do this. Don’t try and multitask on the commute home or do it at work. REALLY set aside time in a quiet place to read through everything! Your wallet and your stationer will thank you!
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